The principal aim that underlined the Eggmotor development was the need for a simple, reliable and above all, affordable paramotor.

Take a humble 6.5hp industrial engine and transform it into a +12hp paramotor power unit capable of over 50kg thrust with a large propeller and reduction drive.

What's it all about?
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Direct or Reduction Drive?
Engine Stuff
Our early development was based on the direct drive principle. Initial experimentation and test flights were conducted with a 34" propeller and then a larger 36" propeller. Now with the aid of a Bailey Egg reduction kit, our latest prototype (see video below) now provides roughly 20% more thrust compared to the old direct drive machine. The Bailey Egg reduction kit has a ratio of 2.65:1 and is ideal for turning a 130cm diameter propeller to achieve around 50kg(110lb) thrust with a mere 12-13hp at 6500rpm.
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The engine you need in order to follow the technical information on this web site is a Honda GX200 6.5hp or a cheaper Far Eastern clone version with a 3/4 inch diameter parallel Q-shaft output shaft.
Ebay is a good source for new Honda or clone GX200 engines. Expect to pay in the region £90 - £120 for a clone engine and much more for a genuine Honda. You'll need a minimum of 14hp worth of modifications if going for the direct drive version or as little as 12hp if you decide on the reduction drive option i.e. Bailey Egg conversion.
You can modify the engines yourself or there are pre-tuned engines available aswell for those not wishing to get their hands dirty.
Please Note: I will not accept responsibility for the quality of your own creation, nor for it’s use. You, as the builder/pilot are solely responsible for your own actions regarding the construction and use of any machine built and/or flown with the aid of information gathered from this web site.
Engine & Parts Sources
If you've decided to strip and tune an engine yourself then the four part video guide opposite (essentially for 'Box Stock' kart racing but a good guide nontheless) will help you through.

You will need to improve the engine with various parts including stronger valve springs (if going over 5000rpm/reduction drive option), higher lift camshaft, milled higher compression cylinder head, free-flow air filter, exhaust and maybe also a billet alloy flywheel (weight saving/less cooling drag) and billet alloy con-rod (high rpm reliability). Parts are available at:

Affordable Go Karts, ARC Racing, NR-Racing, Prokart Engine Parts (UK).





















Pre-tuned engines are available from:
Affordable Go Karts, Prokart Engine Parts, GX200 Tuning Store UK.
To finish the engine off you'll also need a hub (direct drive version only) to couple the propeller to the engine. Zero Error (USA) or Prokart Engine Parts (UK) have them available.
The ideal propeller for the direct drive option is the Xoar PJD-P 34" x 10" (Pusher version). You'll need to specify when ordering the propeller for M6 x 6 x 42.85mm diameter bolt dimensions. Born Propellers now have a version in production for the Eggmotor too. For reduction drive propeller options please contact Bailey Aviation or D&T Propellers.
Box Stock Strip/Rebuild Video Part 1

Box Stock Strip/Rebuild Video Part 2

Box Stock Strip/Rebuild Video Part 3

Box Stock Strip/Rebuild Video Part 4