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N.B. While hang-testing the prototype I could feel the engine pulling down more on my right side due to the engine weight being offset. To compensate for this, the harness eye-bolt on the cylinder side is closer to the edge of the frame by about 1 inch (25mm) compared to the other side.

Those of you heading for reduction drive will need to look into your options available to you regarding a suitable frame/cage.

Here is a pdf file to an early basic frame for the 34" propeller sized Eggmotor. This has since been slightly modified for the current 36" propeller powered Eggmotor with the newer curved cage arms.
pdf image
This early version had a cage loop made up of a section of 15mm plumbers PVC flexible tubing.
cage hoop
apco harness
harness attachment
A high hang point harness gives you the simplest set up to fabricate and use. An Apco harness is the type we use currently and we've found it more than adequate.
Click image to download.
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What's it all about?

The principal aim that underlined the Eggmotor development was the need for a simple, reliable and above all, affordable paramotor.

Take a humble 6.5hp industrial engine and transform it into a +12hp paramotor power unit capable of over 50kg thrust with a large propeller and reduction drive.

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